What is 3deshop

Welcome to 3deshop!!!

This site is our online shop for downloadable digital products. We are focusing onĀ  3d files and images here, and our target is to provide cheap and quality files for our users.

We will be uploading here 3d models for Blender3d and Sweethome3d (most of them are furniture type) and Illustrations for presentations, advertising and book illustrations. We will try to package files in libraries so that you may be able to access more files for less money.

You can use the search function or the top menu to find the models and illustrations you like. Click on the thumbnails or the “Read more” buttons to go to the product page where you will see images and all the info of the product.

License of the download products

Once downloaded you can use and modify the files. You are allowed to use them for your projects, personals or commercials, but you are not allowed to resell o redistribuite them or any modification of them.