How it works

Here you can find easy instructions to get our products, if you have any question about the process you can send us your doubts with the contact form.

How can I buy a downloadable product?

First you must click on the “Add to cart” button that you will find in the product description page, the product will be added to the Cart section.

Button for add a product to the cart

Immediately you will be redirected to the ckeckout page. There you can select the payment method (at the moment Paypal, Credit card, Giropay, KBC/CBC, Sofort and Bank wire).

Once the payment method is selected a new form appears. You must register here. Fill in the fields with your first and last names. The address information is needed by us, to pay our taxes, and the phone information it’s only necessary if you want to pay with credit card.

The Email account is very important, please check if it’s correct before continue. You will receive a message in your email with your password.

Before the checkout you must activate the “Terms of Agreement” check box and the “Privacy Policy” check box (you can see both the Terms and the Privacy Policy by cliking on the links)

Then click on the Checkout button.

You will be send to the Paypal page to do the payment and after complete you will be redirected to our site, where you will get the link for the download of the bought products. If you have selected Bank wire as payment method you will see the page with the information to make the payment.

We will send a message with the download links to your email adress too. Please, if you don’t see the message in your inbox you can search for it at the spam folder just to check if the message has gone there. If you have selected the Bank Wire method the email will be send to you in a few days (usually 3-4 working days).

OK, I have bought one product, how can I download it?

As we said a message will be sent to your email with a link to download it. But if you prefer you can login to the site with your username and download it from the page “Your account”

Just click on the login link on this page and you will go to the login page

After the login you will be redirected to the list of downloads available to your user. Select the orange link of your downloadable product and the download will begin.